Anna's Bridal Mother of the Bride

As the Mother of the Bride, many eyes will be on you during the wedding ceremony and reception – so you’ll want a dress that feels like it was made for you. We’ve crafted a beautiful collection of MOB dresses – from long, sleek column gowns to intricately-detailed, cocktail hour-inspired frocks – to ensure that you find a dress to celebrate this special day in. Whatever your style, body shape, or color palette, we’ve got an elegant, unforgettable Mother of the Bride dress for you.

That’s why we choose the best designers for Social and Evening dresses. Our designers, Terani Couture, Alyce Paris, Marfil, and Ivonne D, present a unique sense of style that surpasses the essence of fashion into the beauty of style. Whether its elegance or sophistication, our designers have created styles that meet the dream of every woman.

Fashion changes, but style endures.

Coco Chanel

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Let us help you find that perfect dress for your son's or daughter's perfect wedding!
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